Hi, I’m Máté Babity from Hungary. I study general medicine and I spent my 2-month long ERAMUS+ traineeship in Ostrava at OSU. I had my traineeship just at the FNO (University Hospital Ostrava), not at the University, so it was a little bit different for me.
Author: Máté Babity
I must tell in the first lines, that I liked every moment in Czechia and it was so hard to leave the country, the university, the friends…
When I was choosing the country where to go, I’ve found out that Czechia will fit for me so much, I heard so much about it, it isn’t so far from Hungary, so I decided to go there.
When my train arrived to the main station, I was so excited; I didn’t know what will happen to me. I met my step-Buddy there, he told me a lot about ERASMUS life and Ostrava during travelling to Poruba to my dorm. I will never forget my first day, it lasted till 5 a.m.  Before arriving to Ostrava I was so nervous about speaking only English for 2 months and do my practice also in English, but after I started to use the language I realised, that I’ve begun to think in English as well.
The first weeks were the hardest time for me, I thought. I nearly didn’t know anyone, I’ve stayed in different dorm from those who I knew. The big change happened after the get to know each other weekend, I made some friends there and after those days I enjoyed every moment of my stay in Ostrava.
I liked Ostrava, however I missed an old part of the city or more attractions, but I met such great people there and had even better time with them. I liked Halda Ema very much and the view of the sunset from there.
I think everyone should go to ERASMUS at least once in their life, because I’ve got so many great memories that I will never forget. It isn’t easy to study abroad. I think, it’s over the border of the comfort-zone nearly for everyone, but that’s the best thing, you can test yourself and open the world for you. During these weeks I felt more European than any time before and I hope I will be able to get to know more cultures and more people.
After the first week I think the last one is even harder. On the beginning of my stay one ESN-member said to me, that saying goodbye would be the hardest part. To be honest I didn’t trust her so much and I couldn’t imagine why she said that. But as those days came, I realised what she meant. I felt that I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay there with those people forever. I think that feeling means that, it’s worth going to ERASMUS and try it.
The only thing that I can advise to everyone: go abroad while you are young and more flexible. The best thing in life is to expand your view of the world and the easiest way to achieve it is living and traveling abroad as much as you can.
I would like thank to all ESN-members for enormous help to international students and all the work they did for us to enjoy our stay in Ostrava.