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The position of a Ph.D. student is available for 4 years and there are ongoing projects in two fields: protist genomics or genetic anthropology. More specifically:
i/ Genome analysis of the Ket people of Siberia and neighboring populations, for the first time demonstrating their links to ancient and modern Native North Americans.
ii/ Y-STR study of ancient Xiongnu samples from China revealing a possible genetic link of Ket and Xiongnu, and tracing the hypothetical Xiongnu dispersal during the Hunnic migrations. We work mostly in silico, obtaining data from our collaborators.
iii/ Genomics of marine diplonemids, emerging as the third most diverse eukaryotic clade in plankton: transcriptome and genome sequencing of cultivated clade representatives, single-cell transcriptomics, metabarcoding.
iv/ Projects related to software design (in collaboration with Evgeny Gerasimov, Moscow State University): a GUI tool for genome assembly post-processing via contig graph analysis; a read mapper tailored to transcriptomes with extensive insertion/deletion RNA editing.
“My group currently includes 1 Ph.D. student and 1 postdoc and has funding secured for 3 years. Starting net salary for a PhD student is approximately 630 EUR and the spplications have to be submitted via email until the end of May 2015. Acceptance decision will be based on a skype interview and a test assignment,” said M.Sc. Pavel Flegontov, Ph.D. In case of interest, contact him at pflegontov@gmail.com.