All users of the University of Ostrava have been affected by the so-called IDM (Identity Management) project introduced last year, which brought unification of user accounts and simpler and more secure management of login data.

Most of you have probably already changed your username and password and set up your devices correctly. However, if you haven’t, there are services that will stop working for this reason from February 1, 2024. You can find an overview of these and a more detailed explanation in this article.


On January 31, the ability to log in to the Eduroam WiFi network under the original login name and password will be discontinued. Only logging in with the new single sign-on name and password set for Eduroam will be functional (note that the password must be different from the password for OU systems).

If you have not yet changed your Eduroam password, please do so so that you can continue to use the WiFi network. You can change your password in the OU Portal (My Page -> Password change -> Change Password – eduroam) – you will find the requirements that this password must meet.

Remember that you must enter the new username and password on all your devices (e.g. computer, mobile, tablet) that connect to this WiFi network.

For details of the changes, please visit


A similar situation is occurring with logging into the VPN network of the University of Ostrava – on the last day of January, the possibility of logging into the UO VPN network with the original login name and password will be discontinued.

From February onwards, you will only log in with the new single sign-on name and password you previously set up in the OU Portal (this is the same password you use to log in to the OU Portal).

Changes do not affect special VPN accounts, but these are only created on the basis of a request.

You can also read about these changes in the overview document located on the OU Portal. General instructions and further information on the University of Ostrava VPN can be found at

Student mail

On January 31, the old student mail will be shut down and will no longer be available for reading. All students will now access their mail through Exchange Online, i.e. via

Please see this document for more information and instructions on setting up mail systems.

Third-party mail clients (such as Mozilla Thunderbird)

On January 31, the possibility of sending messages via servers using third-party clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) will be discontinued. The user will have to change the client configuration depending on whether the user is in On-Premises Exchange (usually employees) or Exchange Online (usually students).

For more information on logging into mail systems, both for staff and students, please see this document.

If you have a problem, please contact technical support:

End of Stream Platform (Classic)

This change is no longer due to the introduction of IDM, it is being forced by Microsoft, who is retiring an obsolete technology and replacing it with a new one.

As of January 31, Stream (Classic) users will no longer be able to create live events. Then, on April 15, the entire Stream (Classic) service will be discontinued, replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). The new version allows you to upload videos to platforms across Microsoft 365 and access them from one central location at:

Users can migrate their content manually or by speaking with Microsoft 365 administrators via the helpdesk queue at

You can read more about Stream here or here.