Author: Kaja Konofal
Ahoj! My name is Kaja, I am from Poland and I am studying English philology in Ostrava for two semesters. I may not be the best person to share the Erasmus experience, because I live so close to the border and chose the dormitory in Poruba, which is located half an hour by tram from the centre.
However, I would like to say that Ostrava is a very friendly city with beautiful graffiti and many lively places to choose from. I can recommend Centrum Pant (if you are a coffee enthusiast like me) which is close to the university or AlterNativa Cafe (Ostrava-Poruba). I enjoy being here, the surroundings are kept clean, it feels safe and nothing bad has happened to me. That is why I may come back here for my master studies, but on a different degree course.
This city is famous for culture events and my favourite one is Colours of Ostrava. Teachers here are helpful and understanding. What was really unexpected and simultaneously awesome was that we had some lessons in a shisha bar, so we could appreciate a coffee or a snack while studying. When it comes to local undergraduates, they will engage in giving you study materials or an advice. I found my second half by asking random students for notes and I am really grateful for that.
All the Erasmus events were organised with devotion and concern about the smallest detail, they were fun and left unforgettable memories. One of them was Get To Know Each Other Weekend that was inspired by the Hunger Games, it was thrilling to compete in activities with other groups.
I am thankful for such an opportunity as it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and prepared me for travelling somewhere farther. I would definitely recommend going on Erasmus to everyone, because it is broadening the mind and creating new life possibilities.