Author: Rebecca Fix (
Hi all! My name is Rebecca an I am a student from Arizona, USA. I am studying chemistry and mathematics, and I spent the summer semester of 2019 in Ostrava.
At first glance, Ostrava isn’t a spectacular or incredible European city; but it has become the perfect home for me the past four months. When I arrived, I was so nervous. I was afraid I would get lost while travelling, wouldn’t have friends, and would want to go home the whole semester. Within days I established some good friendships: friendships that would continue to grow during my time here and would eventually be some of the closest bonds I’ve ever formed.
At the beginning of the semester, there were a lot of ESN events that helped me make friends and explore Ostrava and the surround area. The highlight of which was the Get to Know Each Other Weekend. That weekend was a highlight of my semester because it gave me a chance to really become close with other international students. I appreciate the amount of work that the ESN members did to put on the event. I wish more of the events at the end of the semester would not have been cancelled because I really enjoyed them.
My life in Ostrava was pretty easy because I didn’t have to take any difficult courses. I was able to travel every weekend to new and exciting places. I saw many of the nearby cities, such as Prague, Vienna, and Krakow. I also did longer trips to western Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and currently I am on a trip through Italy, Spain, and the UK. I am someone who truly cherishes my opportunities to travel and this has been an unforgettable experience for me.
The most extraordinary part of Erasmus has been the connections I have formed with people from all around the world. I have spent countless hours sitting around a table having coffee or beer and discussing all aspects of life with my friends. I have learned so much about cultures and life-styles from around the world.
I have learned the similarities and differences of my life in the US to those from elsewhere. I have gained new appreciation and understanding of the world. My life is forever changed by my Erasmus experience. From the parties to the “studying”, from the travelling to the friendships, I will never forget my time in Ostrava. I have loved the strange little city that all the locals seem to hate and I would recommend anyone to spend a semester studying there.