If you would ask me what is the best time that I had in my life, I would answer that it is a trip to the Czech Republic under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme. I am so grateful to this programme for this opportunity, because it is exactly what expands the horizons of the student, inspires and gives the opportunity to gain experience of our profession abroad.

Unfortunately, we were in a difficult time with the coronavirus pandemic and our studying was online. By the way, I liked the Czech study system, which is different from the one in our institute. At the end of the course, we just made a final presentation that gave me more knowledge and understanding. I had my first oral exam in the discipline of “individual social work”, which I passed without any difficulty thanks to Marie Spilackova and Veronika Zegzulkova.

Teachers at the University of Ostrava are very loyal, understanding and ready to help at every moment. It is so nice that after this stay I made friends from all over the world, whom we met in the dormitory. I am very grateful to my coordinator Pavla Nemethova. She always supported me, helped with documents and was interested in our affairs. She made our stay in the Czech Republic comfortable and without problem.

I think scholarship there was enough money for everything. We paid for the dormitory, bought groceries and travelled.

In our free time we travelled as much as possible. I managed to visit Prague, see the beauty of the Czech mountains and walked the streets of Vienna.

Erasmus showed me that I need to go to my goal, develop myself and try to get better every day. In my opinion, such projects must exist for the future of young people!

Author: Tatiana Zhydchenko