Before I arrived to Czechia, I had a lot of fears about language, studying and communicating with teachers and students. But when I arrived in Ostrava, all my fears disappeared! One main reason is the hospitable coordinator Pavla and my buddy and friend Veronika. They helped me to solve all problems, meetings with them always gave me joy. I love Czechia because I think that all people here are so kind, just like Pavla and Veronika.

The second reason were my friends at the dorm. We had tea time almost every day, discussion about everything, we were travelling together, cooking traditional food and playing games. I taught them to play Russian card game “Foolish”, Taiwanese friends taught me to make Pomelo hat, Korean surprised me with the richness of their cuisine, the attitude towards fashion and many other things.

Studying in Ostrava was interesting too. I studied at the Faculty of Social Studies and we had the great practical course International Project Management. My other favourite course was Dance arranged by Educational department. It was so funny despite of online way of meetings.

Also, I am really grateful for the Erasmus scholarship. Thanks to this scholarship, I could study at the University of Ostrava and got the most precious experience in my life.

Author: Anna Pungina